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Thursday 4 March 2010

Souvenir From New Zealand

My bestfren in Marine Science's coast, Gan Fei Chin now in New Zealand. She with my other coastmate, Sau Man in their vacation trip in new Zealand. Juz for fun and experience since they are young. juz wanna look and get new experience life in overseas.

Fei Chin worked as a receptionist at tourism agency in Singapore. She worked there for almost one and a half years with Sau Man too, if I'm not wrong. After having enough money, both of them decided going to NZ after getting informations from internet in holiday & study scheme. In October 2009, they're leaving to NZ. Huh, so lucky. Experiences in tuorism agency, allows her to know the chances & methods of going overseas easily.

Last month, she sent me a message, ask about my recently adress to send me a souvenir from NZ. Its look likes below, a postcard with their photo in 2010's Calendar.

Can see? My bestfren Fei Chin n Sau Man...

 Her writing...special for me from NZ.. =P



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